Diverse & Equal
Tech Conference NW

3rd to 4th October 2018
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The Diverse & Equal Tech Conference NW is a 2-day conference featuring workshops by industry leaders and discussions from speakers who have hands-on experience making companies more diverse.

This conference is committed to equality and inclusion in everything we do. There will be broad representation among the speakers from all genders, ethnicities, physical and neuro abilities, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures.

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October 3 - Expanding the pipeline, improving the culture

Beginner and advanced workshops aimed at people new to digital or digital colleagues looking to expand their skills. Hosted by CoopDigital, The Home Office and Thoughtworks, featuring Dr J. Harrison.

Location :

Federation House, Manchester M4 4BF
near Shudehill tram station

9:00am :


9:30am :


10:00 - 4:00pm :

2 tracks for people not currently working in tech:
- Tech track for those interested in learning to code.
- Non-tech track for everyone interested in learning about the other careers needed on digital tech teams.

Non-tech taster sessions - full day session
Digital tech need people that can do MORE than code. We need designers, content designers, user researchers and more. Try out our all-day taster sessions and get to try out some of the non-tech roles in an agile team.

Tech taster session - 2 x half day sessions
- Make Music with Code - this interactive coding half day session is facilitated by Co-op Digital
- Simulated Cyber Security Attack - Experience a live security breach as it happens with The Home Office and get a taste of what it’s like to work in Cyber Security.

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Already have a career in tech? Want to know how to make it more inclusive?

Building an effective team in an inclusive culture
- 2 x half day sessions

Explore which practices help to retain diverse talent by creating an inclusive environment.
Practical tips on how to build inclusive and effective teams.

4:00 - 5:30pm :

Wrap up and networking

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October 4 - Realising the business value of diversity

A full day of talks, discussions and panels aimed at anyone interested in the benefits of diversity in tech, including business leaders, HR professionals and hiring managers.

8:45am :

Registration, breakfast and networking

9:30am :

Everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion. Why is it important, how can north west businesses realise the benefits and what are our unique challenges in the north west?
A keynote panel with Clarence Odogwu - HMRC, Emer Coleman - The Federation, Christos Tsaprounis - AutoTrader and Vimla Appadoo - FutureGov.

11:00am :

What already exists that encourages more diversity in tech for businesses to support and tap into?
A talk from Germán Bencci - CodeYourFuture followed by a panel with Danielle Haugedal-Wilson - Co-op, Naomi Timperley - Tech North Advocates, Kirsty Devlin - Women Who Keynote, Amul Batra - Northcoders and James Heggs - Tech Returners.

12:30pm :

Lunch and Live podcast

1:30pm :

What tips can other sectors offer the Tech industry as we work to improve D&I?
Liz Scott - EY, TBC

2:00pm :

Recruitment - How can an organisation build their own pipeline?
A talk from Oliver Quaye - Home Office then lightning talks from Roger Kadama - Desap, Sam Phillips & Anna Holland Smith - Codebar.

3:00pm :

Inclusivity and the Thoughtworks journey
Amy Lynch

Creating an inclusive culture - The role of colleague networks
Adaobi Ifechor & Matt Weaver - BBC, TBC

4:00pm :

Interactive Session + Q&A

5:00 - 7:00pm :

Networking drinks reception

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Emer Coleman


Christos Tsaprounis


Vimla Appadoo


Germán Bencci

Code Your Future

Amy Lynch


Oliver Quaye

Home Office

Amul Batra


Kirsty Devlin

Women Who Keynote

Naomi Timperley

Tech North Advocates

Dr J Harrison

(Day 1 inclusion workshop)

Roger Kadama


Sam Phillips


James Heggs

Tech Returners

Businesses are more profitable when their employees are diverse.

In fact, companies that score highest for ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to financially outperform their competitors.

And yet, there is a shocking lack of diversity in the UK’s tech industry. Even more so in the North West of England.

We want to change that.

The Diverse and Equal Tech NW Conference is committed to helping businesses, big and small, be more successful and innovative through meaningful diversity.

Diversity is bigger than gender

It’s class, sexuality, religion, physical ability, non-visual ability (such as autism) and ethnicity.

There are whole communities, cultures, backgrounds and heritages that could help bring growth to the North West tech industry.

This is just the beginning and throughout the coming months, we’ll be hosting a series of events — from workshops to seminars — to help achieve just that.

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